Data Warehousing

Want to get a high-performing data warehouse? You can rely on our experience in rendering data warehouse services.

Whether you need data warehouse development, migration, consulting or support, we’ll be happy to be of service.

Data warehouse migration

Consider replatforming your on-premises data warehouse to the cloud? Whatever strategy suits your case: moving all data or having a hybrid data warehouse where, say, sensitive data remains on premises and the rest of the data is to be moved to the cloud, we can help you with:

Designing a migration strategy and a plan.

  • Assisting in selecting the right cloud vendor.
  • Configuring the cloud cluster in a way to optimize costs.
  • Redeveloping a data warehouse on a new platform.
  • Transferring both master data and metadata to the new data warehouse.
  • Testing the completeness of data to ensure the migration’s success.


Data warehouse consulting

Consider building a new data warehouse from scratch, revamping or improving your legacy solution as it doesn’t satisfy your needs anymore? Here’s how our consultants can help:

  • Come up with a new data warehouse design. Make sure that the design is fully compliant to your business needs by conducting interviews with the stakeholders, thoroughly analyzing the existing infrastructure, the available and future data sources, the types of data to be stored and analyzed (structured or unstructured) and more.
  • Recommend one of the alternatives: a cloud, on-premises or hybrid data warehouse.
  • Design data integration strategy.
  • Advise on data quality procedures.
  • Recommend the optimal technology stack.

Data warehouse development

We do data modeling and implement a data warehouse or the whole solution consisting of a data lake, a data warehouse, ETL (extract, transform, load) processes, and online analytical processing cubes. To meet the project requirements, timeframes and budget, we apply the most relevant of software development life cycle models like Iterative, Incremental, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban, Waterfall.

Data warehouse support

Our support activities are aimed to ensure that your data warehouse remains the foundation for valuable insights (i.e., ETL processes are running correctly, data quality management is in place, new KPIs are calculated). For that, we do the following:

  • Provide data administration services: create rules to ensure that the data is clean and accurate, add new data sources and load new data, adjust ETL processes.
  • Monitor the performance and capacity of your data warehouse – query running times, the correctness of data transformations or a data backup.
  • Resolve the identified issues.


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