Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) services aim to satisfy the needs of companies planning to develop, revamp or improve their BI solutions or benefit from insightful reporting on a subscription fee basis.


Trizsolutions renders a full range of BI services to help companies benefit from insights that allow driving cost saving, improving performance and growing business.


BI consulting

We ensure the success of your BI initiative, be it BI development, revamp, improvement or migration, by:

  • Analyzing fragmented business needs, as well as voiced-out and hidden problems to create an implementation/improvement/migration roadmap.
  • Designing a cloud/on-premises/hybrid BI solution on a modern and robust technology base to support your strategic approach.
  • Advising on the processes and procedures to ensure data quality and security.
  • Elaborating an implementation and user adoption strategies.
  • Delivering a proof of concept (for complex projects).

BI implementation

We turn the above-mentioned consulting recommendations into code to deliver:

  • A centralized BI system covering all BI components (a data lake, a data warehouse, online analytical processing cubes, extract-transform-load processes, reporting) that integrates data from disparate internal and external data sources and converts it into insights.
  • Data science capabilities (including machine learning and deep learning) to provide you with advanced analytics that enables forecasting and business processes optimization.
  • Data quality management procedures to ensure that the quality of data is beyond question.
  • Data security policies to map user roles and their permissions and ensure role-based access to data.

BI support

We help you keep your BI solution up and running by rendering development and administration support services:

  • Development support covers troubleshooting (i.e., handling problems on the code level) like rewriting a faulty ETL process, and evolution, like adding new data sources or creating new reports as your business needs change.
  • Administration support includes such activities as updating software, adding new users, handling permissions, as well as administering data.

BI as a service

We bring value to the companies that want to quickly turn their data into actionable insights and don’t plan to dive into technical details. Within 6 to 8 weeks after our cooperation starts, we provide you with:

  • Access to predefined reports.
  • Self-service analytics to enable ad hoc reporting.
  • Alerting.

Your involvement is minimized to paying a monthly subscription fee and reviewing regular reports on the service progress, while we take care of all the rest:

  • Creating and supporting BI infrastructure.
  • Extracting and cleaning your data.
  • Applying advanced data analysis, including data science capabilities.
  • Running data management activities.
  • Delivering new reports as your business needs evolve.


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